Summer is definitely a great time to visit Banff. But this is also the busiest season in the country which is why we have listed some important rules to go by when visiting in the summer. Especially, during September, the place can be jam-packed with tourists coming from all around the world. Read on these tips and prevent any unexpected happening to ruin your vacation.


Wake up early

The sunrise is stunning in Banff so you definitely would want to get up early and catch the early sunrise. And while the parking lot in Banff is very limited, waking up early will give you chance to get the spot to park your car on.

 Park in the nearby neighborhood

If the parking lot downtown is full, you can find street parking in the neighborhood. Just make sure you know how to do parallel parking in a way that other vehicles can still pass through the main street.

Rent a car

If you don’t like waiting for the shuttle buses, it is easier to get around Banff if you rent your own car. Renting your own car allows you to handle your own town and get to your destination faster. Plus you can pullover anytime whenever you see a good spot and snap a photo.

Make reservations for the Banff Gondola

Book online for the Gondola before you go. This helps you save time when you get there and you also get a designated expedited line.


Attempt to find parking after 7am

Popular attractions like Moraine and Lake Louise are usually packed with people even before 7am.If you go here late, you won’t get a spot and will have to eventually take the shuttle bus.

Don’t eat at peak hours

Eat earlier than your usual schedule if you really want to find a good spot to eat. If you to the restaurant during peak hours, you can expect to fall in long lines before you are seated.

Buy water at the park’s attractions

Bottled waters in the major attractions in Banff are quite expensive.  If you want to save a few bucks for some entrance fees, try purchasing water at the convenience store.

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